3 Reasons Why Your Infradian Rhythm Has a Big Impact on Your Performance

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Over 47% of women struggle with hormones, 60% of women are sexually unsatisfied and 53.7% of us are unhappy at work, according to studies done by Pew Research, Forbes, and Healthy Women. Getting in sync with our infradian rhythm will fix this.

Digital Fitness Joy 3 Reasons Why your Infradian Rhythm Has a Big Impact on Your Performance
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In her book “In The Flo” Alisa Vitti reveals the main culprit: women live out of sync with our body’s second biological clock, the infradian rhythm. All the diets and fitness trends are based on research that is done on men and take into account only the body’s first biological clock, the circadian rhythm.

POWR of the infradian rhythm

Want to be in the flo? Vitti came up with an acronym called POWR referring to the 4 phases of your cycle that power your life. Here is what it stands for:

PREPARE – Follicular Phase (7-10 Days)

This is the time when you can have sauerkraut daily. Do cardio workouts, 30 minutes per session, three times per week. This is the week to plan out your entire month and the best time to come up with new ideas. Relationships-wise, try new activities with friends or your romantic partner. Learn something new!

OPEN UP – Ovulation Phase (3-4 Days)

Best time to eat a big raw salad daily. In terms of exercise 15-30 minuted of HIIT 3 times per week will do. Since this is the part of your menstrual cycle when you’re most outgoing, organize a brainstorming session with colleagues or attend networking events.

Nurture your relationships: go out to dinner with friends or other couples. You could even squeeze in a playdate with other moms and kids.

WORK – Luteal Phase (10-14 Days)

The body craves cooked, warm food. How about some sweet potatoes? Who doesn’t like pilates? Time to roll out that mat for 30 minutes yoga or pilates sessions three times per week. During this period, you can focus easier. A perfect  time to deal with administrative tasks and schedule time for more in depth work.

In this phase, the body is getting ready for your menstruation. You may tend to stay in and cook your favorite healthy comfort meal. Could also be the best time to have a cozy date night or family night in.

REST – Menstrual Phase (3-7 Days)

Replenish your body with healthy fatty acids. Eat 1/4 avocado daily. Go for less intense physical activities, such as 30 minutes walk or yin yoga three times this week. Work-wise, you can review reports and data or give a performance review to someone on your team.

This is the time to pamper yourself. Have a warm bath, get a massage or a home facial.

Now, it may be that you don’t resonate with all the aspects Alisa Vitti outlaid for us. Why don’t just give it a try, though, and keep us posted in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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