Personalized workout


A unique workout specifically designed for you to reach your fitness goals with ease and joy! We assess your fitness level, lifestyle and fitness target.


You already have the perfect body! Imagine you actually felt really juicy being in your body, so at ease and happy with the way you look and how wonderful it feels being you. We love designing personalized workouts especially catered to meet your wishes and fitness goals.


  1. an online workout created especially for you, designed according to your fitness goals so that you can feel healthier, happier and more active
  2. this is for you if you’re always on the go and want a workout that combines mobility, fitness and stretching, all-in-one for your holistic wellness
  3. what are your fitness goals: weightloss, toning, more flexibility, relaxation? let’s design a workout that is perfectly attuned to your goals!
  4. doing this workout with consistency will deliver the results you aim for
  5. become more lively, healthy and joyous by doing this workout with consistency
  6. make your well-being your priority

How it works:

  1. once you purchase the product, you will fill in a short form so that we can design the best workout for you
  2. your workout will be delivered in video format within 72 hours
  3. no need for any equipment unless your goal is to increase your muscle mass

Would like something else? Contact us and let’s design what you have in mind!


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